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  Ian Edwards 5 star I really wouldn’t go anywhere else that Rural Retreat now!! Sharon sorts out any little niggles I get and keeps me able to train. She has a superb massage technique which achieves results without simply pummelling your muscles like some do. Can’t recommend enough.

Testimonial 3

  Brian Wright 5 star Sharon has a way of finding the bits that need to be fixed and when she finds then she then works at them to relieve the tension. She has brought me back from not being able to run to completing an Iron Man event. She knows all the jargon but puts in in simple terms which simple folk like me can then understand. I also have taken my daughter to see her with a knee problem which she has eased and my daughter said “She has magical fingers” Top work Sharon, you know your stuff.
Jane Doggett 5 star  Thank you for fixing my knee and other aches and pains. Just what I needed before the race

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  Joanne Chappell 5 star Can’t thank you enough Sharon, my leg and hip feel amazing and I can move virtually pain free, your a little genius, feeling very happy

  Nick Barber 5 star  Got niggles or knots? Sharon will find them and sort them! Excellent and friendly service with great   knowledge of sports massage therapy and kinesio taping- I wouldn’t be an Ironman without her!!

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