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Watch out! Watch out!
There's special offers about!!
I like the pamper treat over Valentines

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Your mattress should not be too hard, or too soft, but …. Just right

A hard mattress – your body is not properly supported but will be under too much pressure in certain places
A soft mattress – again, your body is not properly supported and your back will sag

Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees


On your back with a pillow behind to knees
To reduce tension

Pocket sprung or memory foam mattresses provide the best support

Personal preference is VERY important

Mattresses and pillows last between 5-10 years
Depending on their usage and quality

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Happy New Year to everyone I haven't managed to see yet!

I've been busy experimenting with the discount options on the booking system and wondered if anyone could help me discover if it:

A) works

B) are available for a cheaper half hour sports massage this Saturday

All you need to do is book your appointment as usual online but put in the discount code 13JANRRM to receive £10 off your treatment!

Please like and share to spread the word and I'll hope that I've set it up correctly 😂

See you soon
Sharon 😊

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‪I want to thank you all and wish you a Happy New Year!! Thank you very much for your support!! #HappyNewYear2018 👍‬ ...

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