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Remedial & Sports Massage

tennis elbowRemedial and Sports Massage works deeply on your body’s tissues, releasing muscle tension and relieving aches and pains. Some issues occur as the result of poor posture, sitting in an office all day or gardening.


This is not a superficial massage, due to the deep tissue techniques used some may find this treatment uncomfortable at times, but the aims in this treatment are to help your body function properly again, which will help reduce the pain in your daily activities, either by increasing range of movement, improving your posture and reducing muscular discomfort.


If used on a regular basis Remedial and Sports Massage can help other muscular neck painconditions, help to increase endurance and performance, aide in the recovery of injuries and help prevent an injury occurring in the first place.


This type of massage and be used before, during or after exercise and that includes gardening, carrying the shopping or aerobics, running, etc.


Poor posture can cause all types of muscular aches and pains. A remedial massage can help realign your body by reducing muscle tension, lengthening the fibres where required and restoring your body to a more comfortable position.


back painThere are so many benefits this type of massage can help with, along with pulled or tight muscles, strains and sprains, shin splints, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, IBS, poor posture, piriformis syndrome, Achilles tendon and calf pain, sciatica, tennis or golf’s elbow, growing pains (Osgood Schlatters), headaches and migraines, bursitis, numbness or pin and needles in the arm, to name but a few.



30 minute  – £30

60 minute – £40

90 minute – £55



Members of Fareham Crusaders Running Club receive a £5 discount off every treatment.


Additional £5 for the mobile service within 10 miles

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