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About me

profile 1I started running after having my second child in a bid to get fit and reduce the excess pounds (that’s a life long goal).  When I could manage 3 miles running without stopping I joined a local running club, Fareham Crusaders Running Club (FCRC) in 2008 where I met the dozen or so members who were already there.  Nowadays there are over 100 members all doing their best to reach their goals.

As with all exercise there’s a risk of injury, which got me into receiving regular sports massages and with that my interests about how the body functions and how I could prevent further time off from exercise.

My soft tissue therapist recommended attending LSSM as it currently has the highest level of massage techniques in the country, during my studies to attain this qualification.

I didn’t keep still during this time and I entered my first tri event, Ironman UK in Bolton, which took place on 20 July 2014.  What an amazing experience and learning curve, if you get the opportunity, don’t think about doing it, just do it!!

I don’t have a fast pace, I just keep going till the task is done and I love that feeling of achievement when you finally reach that goal.  Whatever it maybe.